a fun marquee :D

hey human welcome to my work in progress site

this is a lil home away from home

im making a website with this guide which has helped me a lot.itll have some moving stars and swaying trees, im gonna have a few that are just nice places to be with nice vibes maybe their own radios and activities or games also i see why i never have time XD. i keep using it all doing things i like but not leaving much extra for other things i like. i was gonna rewatch ok ko but i spent like two days on this so far. school exists and im ok with it rn its kinda given me all it can and now its just about passing exams before i can fully just drain my time into whatever i feel like at the moment

im the kind of kid to have 100 hobbies and be good at many of them but never spend much time on any or really perfecting one XD. worms are cool tho and so is magic especially ones with trees

check the links in the sidebar for resources to build your own website!

*brain box*

time is zooming by and it feels like a breeze running through me its nice even if it is short

click me for more stuff idk

here is a cool video : ) yippie it works!

hey its me again form 2023 this time so the update is pretty much that ima make a pesterchum theme and that i use pesterchum to talk to me also i should def make a thought zonw or likw an update page